Moving Day!

•April 26, 2009 • 1 Comment

We have officially moved! This site will no longer be updated, so check your bookmarks and come visit us at our new home…


DMF Photos from Charlotte

•April 25, 2009 • 3 Comments

If you haven’t had a chance to see them yet, go check out the photos of some of the new minis! They look great… there’s even a BLINKY!

DMF Charlotte Mini Photos are HERE

Technically… no, Tactically.

•April 23, 2009 • 3 Comments

Calling All Hunters… Calling All… well… anyone!

This bad boy packs a punch.  Everyone attacking this tick that is an ally of your sneaky Hunter, now gets to change any 1 success to a crit!  Phad wants to double Lightning Bolt?  No Problemo.  Ji’lan need to pack two punches to get that last mini down?  Gotcha.

Overall, this could easily see constructed play.  Plus, nice new artwork isn’t shabby either!

Sad Face… but Happy Face soon!

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No Wednesday Weekly Warband this week, as you may have noticed… major plans in the work for the site, so stay tuned. I’ll keep updating with news on Spoils of War as it’s available, but very soon, cool things be coming!

The Sun has risen!

•April 21, 2009 • 2 Comments

The Leader of the Blood Eves has come to play… he’s Legendary, and he has 0 Armor. Yes, Z-E-R-0 armor. But, that’s ok, he packs a HELL of a punch:

Crafting cards!!!

•April 20, 2009 • Leave a Comment

Get the downloadable form right here if you can’t be in Charlotte:

Crafting Cards Form

At firs glance, Boots of the Crimson Hawk and Bracers of Nimble Thought look awesome… as crafted cards should be 🙂

Channel Surfing

•April 20, 2009 • Leave a Comment

Well, we finally got a glimpse of Channel Spells today, and the mechanic of Channeling, here at UDE.  At first glance, here are the rules as we know it:

· When a channel ability is played, resolve it as normal. Then, put a channel counter on the card to show that the channel is active.

· At the start of a character’s turn, if it has an active channel, that character may choose to continue the channel effect. If the character chooses to do so, it pays the card’s channel cost, which appears at the top of the text box (for example, Channel 1 Tick means the character advances its clock by 1). It doesn’t matter if the channel card is already exhausted.

· Continuing a channel effect counts as that character’s action for the turn.

· The channeled effect must have the same targets as it did on the previous turn.

· Remove the channel counter if any of the following happen:

o The channeling character moves, is moved, teleports, takes damage, leaves play, takes any other action, plays an instant or react, or ends its turn without taking an action.

o An effect adds ticks to the channeling character.

o None of the previous targets for the channel are legal anymore.

Note the last one, so if you have a mini step into LOS, it will stop the Channel!

Additionally, we got a glimpse at two new cards using the mechanic…

Drop it like its hot!

Drop it like it's hot!


Leave it to me, Ill finger it out...

Leave it to me, I'll finger it out...

First, Reign of Fire.  Wow.  So your first shot with it, it isn’t so impressive, but it still seems to be a flamestike divided in half.  But, then every additional turn, you can doe it for 1!  Plus, it’s nearly nigh impossible, as the good Captain would say, to block line of sight to a space!  At least, without putting yourself in peril as well.

Then we have the newest member of the treasure chest, the Doomfinger.  Tim on steroids if you follow me.  anyone in 3 range is dead if they are at one.  Oh, and if they are at 2, they’re well on their way to the grave.  This can be stopped by LOS, but could easily give some people way more advantage when played correctly.

Already I’m thinking of wee little murlocs with Doomfingers around thier playspace, and warlocks with big new pets and great new abilities… oh what the Spoils will bring us…